Couple of nice articles about Heavy Rockets

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Heavy Rockets screenshot - Forest Moon race

TOUCH ARCADE: Heavy Rockets is a stylish-looking game that intrigued me when I saw the first gameplay footage, and now I’ve finally gotten my hands on a beta build. It’s a game that definitely shows… READ MORE

TOUCH ARCADE: Heavy Rockets is a interesting-looking cave shooter by Majasalmi that’s in the works right now for iOS, that just had a new trailer released over the past weekend. The game’s a top-down shooter… READ MORE

APP ADVICE: Heavy Rockets is a modern cave shooter that could pave the way for the next generation of thrust-controlled arcade games. It supports many multiplayer features, including the ability to race… READ MORE

GAMEMOB: In Heavy Rockets, you are a cursor icon, exploring the caves and blasting enemies. The inspiration? Heavy Rockets is based on a classic video game, Thrust, but adds a touch of paint… READ MORE

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