Heavy Rockets Press Release

Heavy Rockets Brings Classic Cave Shooter Action to iOS

ESPOO, FINLAND, April 21, 2016 – Game studio Majasalmi Ltd today announced Heavy Rockets, a new arcade shooter for iPhone and iPad. Heavy Rockets brings classic cave shooter gameplay to iOS, with stylish low-polygon graphics and frantic single and multi-player action.

“Our new game is a like a spaceship from the future,” says Majasalmi CEO Jukka Forstén, “with super-flat design and beautiful explosions. But it’s a blast from the past too, which fans of classics like Thrust* and Gravity Force** are going to love. In other words, we’ve broken the boundaries of the space-time continuum here.” Heavy Rockets exists chiefly in the present time.

In the game, players blast and race their way through 17 treacherous subterranean worlds. And with a huge payload of content, its Rockets are Heavy for a reason:

•  RACE MODE: Who will survive a high-speed chase through an underground course, and be the fastest among friends? Race mode is the way to find that out.
•  BATTLE MODE: An underground dogfight in which the last pilot flying is the winner.
•  REAL ARCADE FEEL: The weighty, responsive controls of an arcade cabinet, reproduced on iOS devices and tested with real players.
•  MULTIPLAYER: Battle and race with friends in real-time on the same Wi-Fi network. Share and race against friends’ ghost laps any time.
•  SCORE CHALLENGE: Compete with friends for score supremacy through Game Center and Facebook.

Majasalmi plans to add more new content to the game in future, including real-time online multiplayer. Apple TV and Mac OS X versions are also in the pipeline. Heavy Rockets [$1.99] will be available on the Apple App Store from April 21, 2016.

“We believe so strongly in the fun and visual splendour of Heavy Rockets, we’re releasing it into a pool of thousands of other, better-funded games,” says Mika Levo. “And we actually expect it to swim – not just because we’re deluded by love for our own creation, but because Heavy Rockets offers a challenge and atmosphere not found anywhere else on iOS.”
For more information visit www.heavyrockets.com.

* Thrust: a 1986 cave shooter, originally published by Superior Software for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron.
** Gravity Force: a 1989 cave shooter, published by Kingsoft GmbH for the Commodore Amiga.


Short Version:

Heavy Rockets brings classic cave shooter gameplay to iOS, with stylish low-polygon graphics and frantic single and multi-player action. Fans of the classic game genre, will finally be able to enjoy this gravity defying treat with their modern iOS devices and later also with Apple TV. The iOS version of Heavy Rockets will be released globally in April 21, 2016.

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Heavy Rockets trailer

Who We Are:

Majasalmi Ltd is a mobile software studio based in Espoo, Finland. Our retro iPhone jukebox app AirCassette was loved by Wired and the NY Times; Gizmodo called it “awesome.” Founded in 1989 as a maker of wooden toys, we’re still all about fun and memorable experiences. Visit us at http://www.majasalmi.com.

Majasalmi Team:

Jukka Forsten
Game Design, Graphics, Sound FX, Music, CEO.
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Markus Santaniemi
Game Design, Programming, LEAD PROGRAMMER.
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Mika Levo
Marketing, User Acquisition, Performance Analytics, ASO, CMO.
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