Weapons of mass destruction – Part 1

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A list of weapons featured in Heavy Rockets game – Part 1.

1. Basic Blaster Gun


This is your main weapon. It’s not the most powerful blaster in the universe but it gets the job done. Keep an eye on your ammo meter (red circle). If you run out of ammunition you might get in trouble.


2. Shotgun


Usually you can’t miss with a shotgun. But if you do, you can always boost your chances by upgrading your weapon. Just collect the gems and head to the nearest landing platform and enter into the power-up shop. Yes, I love shopping too.


3. Explosive Ammos


My advice is DON’T USE THIS WEAPON. Yes, it kills the enemy but it will probably kill you too in the process. Highly dangerous stuff. If you some how accidentally get this weapon, don’t even think about upgrading it. That would be insane. The level 3 exploding ammo is so deadly that I’m not even sure if it’s a bug or feature.


4. Bouncing Bullets


Pool player’s weapon of choice. Sneaky way to destroy enemy rockets.


Jukka / Heavy Rockets devteam


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